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We build systems that connect travelers, retailers, operators and distribution systems

Travel Cloud Software

Travel focused eCommerce solution to help you develop a successful B2C or B2B online presence

Travel eCommerce

Pytheas has successfully helped over 100 travel agents launch their own online travel agency. With our TravelCloud system, it is possible to have multiple online sales channels, each catered to different market segments. To ensure your success, our consultants deliver all the guidance and expertise you need from start to finish.

Our capabilities include:
  • Web and mobile development
  • Business digital transformation
  • Digital sales and marketing
  • Employee training and development

B2B Portal

Due to market barriers, successful travel agencies understand it is essential to build a network of distributors. Through our TravelCloud system, Pytheas helps you reduce the administrative overhead of maintaining your network of sub agents.

We can help develop a B2B portal tailored to your needs:
  • Sub agent relationship and credit management
  • Automated online ordering and fulfillment
  • Pricing engine with complex rules and pricing tiers
  • Unified workflow and inventory between B2B and B2C

Process Automation

Your agency is supported by a number of 3rd party vendors such as payment processors, distributors and accounting software. Manually operating each of these individually is slow, time consuming, and error prone. Pytheas has worked with many travel agencies to automate much of their operations to help them succeed in a manpower lean environment. Our capabilities include:

Our capabilities include:
  • Connect services from different vendors
  • Automate pricing, reservation, invoicing, payment, ticketing, and cancellation
  • Unified booking experience regardless of distributor
  • Interface with robotic processes provided by your distributor

Interaction Design

Your business has many different customer touchpoints and different customers have different communication preferences. Pytheas takes an integrated approach to interaction design to ensure that your customers have a consistent experience no matter how they choose to communicate. We specialize in the following:

We specialize in the following:
  • Web and mobile development
  • Physical self-service kiosks
  • Social media AI chatbots
  • Consistent and integrated experience across all touchpoints

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